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Search Marketing Strategy

Search Marketing Strategy

Why You Need A Search Marketing Strategy

Today’s search marketing atmosphere is competitive and getting more competitive everyday. A website alone is not enough. To be competitive, to keep and grow your market share online, you must have a search engine marketing strategy.

Websites are a dime a dozen. There simply is no “wow” factor any longer in building a website. The truth of the matter is: it’s expected. And, without a SEM strategy, your online marketing efforts will be scattered and unfocused at best. Silver Arc Search Marketing offers professional and expert search engine marketing strategy development. Make sure your search marketing efforts hit the mark and deliver maximum results.

The Silver Arc Advantage: Phased and Agile Approaches

The single biggest advantage that Silver Arc provides is FLEXIBILITY to provide multi-prong professional and expert strategies and campaigns. With a phased and agile approach we break our efforts into small, digestible chunks. What this means to you is:

  • allows for multiple strategies to be tackled without the sense of being overwhelmed
  • allows for more efficient and flexible budgeting. Smaller costs over a longer period of time

Building the Right Search Marketing Strategy

We know you are the expert when it comes to your business. At Silver Arc SEM we rely on your expertise about your vertical to get to know your business, your target demographics and markets, and your goals.

Most importantly, we discover who your competition is through these conversations. We create a solid SEM strategy tailored to your business goals and objectives. We analyze user search trends and develop search marketing strategy with keywords and keyword phrases in mind. And, how best to target those keywords through several online marketing efforts:

SEM Competitive AnalysisSEM Competitive Analysis

Conversion and Usability AnalysisConversion & Usability Analysis

Website Audits for SuccessWebsite Audits

Website AnalyticsWebsite Analytics



Focusing on the Bottom Line

Silver Arc builds our search engine marketing strategies with one goal in mind: conversions. Our SEM strategies focus on building and increasing return on investment (ROI) by employing analytics and expert analysis to drive site improvements and site optimization.

And when we have your strategy and site metrics fine-tuned, we’ll utilize our search engine marketing services throttle your newfound strategy into high gear. We use combinations of the following services in our agile and phased SEM approach to meet your objectives:

Search Engine Optimization (Both On-Site SEO & Off-Site SEO)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)