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Conversion and Usability Analysis

Conversion and Usability Analysis

Conversion Path & Usability Analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is only half the battle in providing more qualified traffic and better conversions. The other half of the battle is your website itself.

Take this scenario: you have steady traffic numbers, plenty of returning and unique visitors, but are struggling for conversions and sales on the site. Then, the most likely issue is your website. And it could be any number of things: contact form fields, shopping cart check-out process, or the usability of the site (i.e. users are confused as to how to accomplish these actions).

The Goal of Conversion and Usability Analysis

At Silver Arc, we believe that the primary goal of any search marketing campaign is to produce CONVERSIONS. Whether they are sales, leads, or subscribers. Through analysis of goal funnels, call-to-action analysis, and user path optimization best practices depending on particular client goals, we help to streamline and improve the conversion process.

What is User Path Optimization (UPO)

UPO is the process of integrating your conversion objectives into information architecture. Without keeping the conversions in mind, you might forget it altogether.  Keeping the profit motive in the forefront of your mind is the surest way to do what is best for your business.  The primary goal (conversions) tells us that everything–including developing, maintaining, and/or improving your website–is and should be about profitability.  Without being user path optimized, we guarantee your site will not be able to fulfill its potential. The objective of your site is to wrench as much profit out of the marketplace as possible (with due regard to laws and business ethics of course).

Trimming the Fat off Websites

We’ve been doing this for a long time, we know how to maintain the aesthetics of the site while trimming the fat, so to speak. We’ve gathered our knowledge and expertise from the best and most knowledgeable minds on usability:

Dr. Jakob Nielsen: AlertBox: Issues in Web Usability
Steve Krug: Author of “Don’t Make Me Think”

We’ve taken what they know and combined it with our field-experience to make our usability and conversion improvement a knockout combination. Let us know if it’s time to get your website in shape.