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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media MarketingBuilding the Right Social Media Marketing Strategy

Since the landscape of social media is always changing, there is no profile, site, or community whose content does not change hourly or, at the most, daily. Social media is a bit of a misnomer as well.

The internet itself is social tool, so the moment you engage the interface, you’re interacting on a social level. The “Social Media” terms really applies to sites on the net that pool together numerous sources of mass media, and begin conversations and dialog among its users.

What A Great Social Media Strategy Can Do for You

Social media, to put it bluntly, should “the last item up for bid” in terms of a company’s battle plan in search marketing. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not an integral part of an overall search strategy. And, as such, you need a company fluent in every search marketing discipline. And, when the time is right to jump into social media, it’s the perfect way to:

  • Get links from a variety of outbound sources, at a variety of IP addresses
  • A great way to get brand recognition through several communities, marketplaces, and verticals quickly
  • And, if you can pull it off through nice landing pages, a great way to boost conversions

What We Really Want to Accomplish

The strategy with any social media marketing effort is, simply put, to hold a conversation with a community, while manipulating them to perform the desired action. It sounds cold and calculating, but to say it is anything else from a search marketing viewpoint, would be a lie.

To create a successful campaign, not only for branding efforts and promotion opportunities, there is a need to coordinate efforts between all of locations to reach the widest audience possible. That is, create strategies that tap into numerous online social platforms and offline mediums.

Come in and talk to us about what you need to accomplish, what your goals are, and Silver Arc will create the right strategy to fit those needs.