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SEM Competitive Analysis

Search Marketing Strategy

Search Marketing Strategy Built Through Analysis

Silver Arc’s SEM competitive analysis burrows down through competitor data and your own in order to establish a baseline for your website. In essence, we run an audit on you and your competitors to find out where you are today, and where you need to be in order to stay ahead.

What’s the Difference Between The SEO & SEM Competitive Analysis

The SEO Competitive Analysis focuses on your efforts and current state of SEO on your site. The SEM Competitive Analysis report focuses on your SERP (search engine results page) competitors. We analyze your competitors’ search marketing efforts , including pay-click-click marketing and social media marketing for your competitors’ sites. From this comprehensive data collection we create and formulate:

A La Carte Reporting

In order to be as flexible as possible, we offer the SEM Competitive Analysis as a stand-alone report. No commitments or contracts. We’ll dig through as much data as possible and tell where your website stands in relation to marketplace competitors.