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Website Audit

Website Audits for Success

Making Sure You Know Where You Stand

It’s one of the most important steps to making sure you have the right strategy in place: getting a website audit. We love audits, mainly because we get to dive deep into every facet of a website and find ways to make the entire core better. More importantly, however, an audit is essential for clients to know:

  • Exactly what’s happening with your website today
  • What you’re doing well, what you could improve, and what you absolutely need to have done

What We Look At:

There’s a variety of ways to audit a website, but we find the only way to get a complete picture is to compile a complete picture. We look that following areas to create a website audit:

  1. High-Level Code Evaluation
  2. Web Site Architecture Evaluation
  3. Onsite SEO
    • Content Evaluation
    • <HEAD> and Meta-data Evaluation
    • Keyword Phrase Use
    • Internal Linking Structure
  4. Offsite SEO
    • Inbound Link Analysis
    • Anchor Text Analysis
  5. Conversion and Usability Considerations

An A La Carte Report

In order to be as flexible as possible, we offer this as a stand-alone report. No commitments or contracts. We’ll dig through as much data as possible and tell where your website stands today and what suggestions and recommendations we’d employ to whip your site into the shape it needs to be in.

Report Turn-Around Times

Depending in on the size of the site in question, audit reports can take up to two weeks turn-around time. Our standard turn-around time is 1 week from the day the invoice is returned.